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Mad Men: Pete and Peggy... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 10:10

...are the only two people at SCDP who aren't complete losers. It's interesting -- since the first season we have seen that both of these two have their eyes on the future, and understand the times. They are -- in spite of SCDP's current precarious status -- on the ascent. No one else at the company is. (Well, maybe Ken...but I don't think of him as a protagonist this season.)

And the women! Pathetic. Megan is, I think, being set up as a female Don Draper: cold, self-serving, ambitious, treating with contempt people with normal emotions (her cheap shot at Alison was so unncessary). 

Dr. Faye -- EPIC FAIL! Way to sacrifice the tiny bit of integrity you had left, you silly fool. And for what? A guy who is already forgetting you.

Joan -- spinning her wheels and stuck in another era. I'm glad she rejected Roger but I am still hoping she didn't have the abortion. (Heck, her husband would never know.)

For me, the best line of the night was when Pete's father-in-law said to him, "I haven't stayed at Vick Chemical for 28 years because I love it. It's because I have a family and any minute here you will, too." For all the whinging women do about how we were treated pre-1970 or so, we forget that before Baby Boomers and Betty Friedan ruined everything, men had to be responsible and for the most part were, even if only because of social pressure. But as I've said on many an occasion, feminism liberated men far more than it liberated women. (I remain unconvinced that it was worth it.)

To end this post on a positive note, I will point out that on this week's episode Peggy wore that awesome dress again! Yeah baby.